2009 Lunar Calendar (4 piece mandala)

showing moon phases, relative amount of day vs. night, equinoxes, solstices, season changes, and other celestial events

This is a 4-piece, 2009 lunar calendar (mandala) print.   Each "petal" represents a month labeled with the name of the month and the dates around the perimeter.  Solstices, equinoxes, meteor showers, moon phases, eclipses, and various celestial events are indicated.  Working towards the center from the base of the "petals", the color blocks represent the four seasons.  Next, a sinusoidal line represents the moon phases, which fluctuate between full moons (white circles) and new moons (black circles) throughout the year.  The next inner circle represents the relative amount of night (blue) to day (gold) varying through the year.  Notice that the during the winter there are short days and long nights and during the summer there are long days and short nights.   The earth in the center is a view of the earth turned to Asia.  The background symbolically illustrates natural seasonal fluctuations throughout the year.



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Do not reproduce. Adam Espelee Cohen 01/23/2010.